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Happily, on Earth at this time, more Twin Flames are waking-up, realizing who they are and exactly why they’re here!You will know your Twin Flame because you will feel love beyond your wildest imagination. It’s a taste of divine one-ness – where no boundaries exist between any two.They unite to tear down the old societal conventions, traditions and belief systems in order to restore the planet to a state of harmony, balance, and unconditional love.

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even though they might have fought against their fate for centuries and struggled in vain to escape their linked destiny… Though your introduction to each other may seem coincidental, you will both meet when you are ready to work.

The crystal clear beginning introduces notes of water and aldehydes.

It is followed by woodsy and spicy character of the fragrance, which thanks to luminous vetiver is not oriental heavy, but light and translucent.

Longevity is good(8 h), projection is moderate(2ft) Overall a nice versatile fragrance for everyday, nothing special but very pleasing. very recommendable it , the energy, sillage and longevity for me are huge!

From the spray-on, there is this cloying sensation I get, almost as if I ate a raw onion that shoots up through your nose.


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