Updating punkbuster cod4 good one year dating anniversary ideas

Hi guys, So i was recently kicked of the FA server on COD4, because of the manual update for the PB (punkbuster) files.Aspyr (COD4) are aware that many Mac users are having problems since Version 2.301 of the PB Client for COD4 that was released for auto-update on Monday.The game version is 3.5 and the latest update happened on 11/07/2013.Since we added this game to our catalog in 2013, it has managed to reach 16,750 downloads, and last week it gained 41 downloads.You will find that only certain variables can be changed when your server is stock, or in RANKED mode. If you get a Direct X error, you will need to install this file.Knowing this, and in combination with the startup command, all you need to run a stock RANKED server, is the cfg located here: Edit it to your needs, don't forget to set your rcon password and put the file in the "C:\cod4\main" folder of your server installation. Unzip it and put it in your dedicated server's System32 folder.Unfortunately for those users, a manual update will be required.

You will need to put them inside the COD4 Punkbuster folder too. A: You don't have to add COD4 to the games list anymore.

You will need this if you plan to run multiple servers or if something goes fubar on your server you will have a fresh copy of the files. - Find the Target field, you will see "C:\cod4\iw3mp.exe" - Add the following to the end of the existing target, do not delete or change any of the existing target!

The command line is what starts your server, it sets the global variables for a server such as the IP and Port.

A: I forgot to mention the punkbuster files for COD4, its all good though they are inside the provided in this description just copy those over to your 'PB' folder and you are good to go!

- Q: I'm getting a no packet flow, timeout error, etc help! 3.(Optional) Rename the icon to COD4 Multiplayer 4.


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