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If an individual gets more than 150,000 euro dividends from non-listed limited companies the tax-exempt percentage will be only 15% for the amount that exceeds 150,000 euro.

The pension fees total 23% of the gross income (2011), usually 4.7% is deducted from gross income and the rest of the 23% is paid by the employer in addition to the gross income.This still includes a condition that the dividend must be under or equal to 8% of the mathematical value of the stock (portion of net assets for a sigle share).75% of the part that exceeds 8% boundary will be taxed instead as earned income.There are also indirect tax-like mandatory social security contributions and insurance fees paid by employer in addition to the gross income.The social security contribution is 2.12% of the gross income.The voluntary pension insurance fees or transfers to a personal pension account are credited in earned income taxation up to 5000 € per year.


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