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I have had submissive fantasies from the youngest age. I've been with the same lover for about 4 years, and married for about 6 months now. I'm here again with another chapter of my life story. To some, obedience and submission are probably the same thing. Most recent being odd things he makes me say that make no sense... Sir as any good dominant is firm, fair and makes me a better person.

I awaken with your arms protectively and lovingly around me; the scent of our love still lingering in the sheets.

during our 3 years togther he wanted me to quit my...

he didn't hurt me physically but he was doing me harm emotionally and that was taking a toll.

D/s-M stands out as a lifestyle that focusses on mindfulness as well as sustainability.

The lifestyle is squarely built on the foundations of Love, Trust, Respect, Honesty, Communication and Intimacy.


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