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The two rookies were on the College All-Star team that lost to the NFL champion Packers 38–0 at Soldier Field in Chicago, and they joined the Packers' training camp after the game, and they were tabbed the "Gold Dust Twins." When Harness Racing was dubbed “America’s Fastest Growing Sport” in the late `50’s they were 1-2 and 2-1 in money earnings as they exemplified class and finesse in campaigning their stables.

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Because of their consistent one-two finishes at these charity events they were together referred to as the "Gold Dust Twins." In tennis there was Lew Hoad and Ken Rosewall.In 1968 Billy would capture the Pacing Triple Crown with Rum Customer while Stanley took the Trotting Triple Crown with Nevele Pride.They would continually lock horns in the major stake races, often stepping on each other’s bid for another Triple Crown Champion. Day [1929-1985] – you, you, you, you know “Bucky” Day – the legendary driver throughout the Northeast had over 2,500 wins and uncounted starts in his career.They eventually were replaced by iron strakes [pieces of flat iron hob-nailed onto the rims] that was the norm up until the 1830's.Then the ‘strake’ method of ‘shoeing’ a wheel was replaced by the ‘hoop tyre’ method.The ”modified” sulky broke the barrier when the incomparable Niatross’ time trialed in .1m at Lexington’s Red Mile in October of 1980.


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