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Following South Africa is Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, who ranked 27th, followed by Kenya (29th), Ghana (33rd), Senegal (34th), Burkina Faso (36th), Tanzania (37th), Uganda (39th) and Ethiopia (40th) the last according to the research.The research was based on a survey of 40 countries in 2015, the results noted however that there was still a significant gap between developed and developing countries, even though the gap is closing rapidly.The Addo, Satara and Nossob webcams were bought with funds raised exclusively by the SANParks forum members.on our home page via a brand-new webcam, proudly brought to you by Vox Datapro.Sales of smartphones are booming, with more than 1.4 billion sold in 2015 and the figure is expected to be higher still this year.‘‘The smartphone digital divide is clear, with a difference of 84 percentage points between the country with the most smartphone owners, South Korea, and the country with the least – Ethiopia at 4%,’‘ the report said.In Africa, South Africa has the largest number of adults owning smartphones.

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Continental breakdown At the continental level, Africa was last relative to ownership of smartphones, with 19% of adults reportedly owning smartphones.

Over half (52%) of adults however owned a phone whiles 21% did not use phones.

Top ‘smart’ nations Top of the chart relative to ‘adults who reported owning smartphones,’ was South Korea which recorded 88% of adults owning phones, Australia, Israel, the United States and Spain finished the first five category.

Whiles UK, Canada, Chile, Malaysia and Germany completing the top 10 ‘smart countries.


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