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” “[Ferretti] had no weapon on his person or in the vehicle,” Schoenhaus said.

Rothweiler said Ferretti’s three bullet wounds were all on the left side of his body, which suggests he might have already been driving past Coolbaugh when he was shot.

S District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

The Newmans had, to this point, been largely reluctant to publicly criticize the investigation by the District Attorney’s Office into Ferretti’s death.

“It’s a travesty, what this family has gone through with regard to the killing of their loved one, but an additional travesty is the way they’ve been treated by both the police department and the Philadelphia DA’s Office.” Police Commissioner Richard Ross has said it’s unclear when the grand jury would announce its findings.

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He didn’t, and Coolbaugh opened fire—even though, according to reports, a neighbor heard Ferretti yell, “I’m stopping!A resident called 911 just before 1 a.m., and reported that Ferretti’s slow loops in a Dodge Caravan around 63rd Street and Overbrook Avenue looked suspicious.He lived in the neighborhood with his girlfriend, Stacy Betts.“They were patient because they trusted the system, because they’re people who believe in the system,” said Kenneth Rothweiler, one of the family’s attorneys. When you don’t get answers, you lose faith.” Lisa Newman and her mother, Mary Lou Ferretti, attended a news conference in a small, ornate room inside Rothweiler’s Center City Office on Tuesday morning.As the lawyer recited the facts of the case, Ferretti occasionally dabbed at her eyes with a tissue, while her daughter punctuated a description of her brother’s final moments with a deep sigh.But more than a year has passed since Ferretti died, and his relatives are still no closer to the answers they hoped to have found by now.


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