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Mr Woodman denied this and said he had even sent some of them to Cheltenham town centre, with money, to buy themselves clothing.

“Quite often they were trying to take their clothes off and I’d have to remind them that they couldn’t.

We told the girls exactly what they could and couldn’t do because of the licence but they showed a total disregard for our authority,” he said.

Audrey Archer, defending, said: “If you were that concerned about the women breaking the terms of their contract why didn’t you ask them to leave? The girls were doing what you told them to do and they were making you a lot of money.” It is alleged that the women took £40,000 from one customer, named in court as Steve.

Devaney, from London, Pye, from Sutton Coldfield, West Mids, and Cool and Goodchild, both from Southampton, all deny kidnapping in September 2012.

The brothers, from Southampton, also deny kidnap and robbing Mr Woodman of his watch and £60 in cash.

Janesville lies three-fourths of the way from Chicago to Madison along Interstate 90.

We also observed temporal variability in human diets across these chronological periods.

Over time, though, people began to confront a question they had not considered before: What choices to make when there were no more good choices left?

*** The first day of classes, 24 August, was fast approaching.

All these GM'ers had followed the Tahoe as it snaked down the line. Five men, including one in a Santa hat, stood in front of the shiny black SUV holding a wide banner, its white spaces crammed with workers' signatures.

"Last Vehicle off the Janesville Assembly Line," the banner said, with the date, 23 December 2008. Television crews from as far away as the Netherlands and Japan had come to film this moment, when the oldest plant of the nation's largest automaker turned out its last.


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