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The tenant is still responsible for the rent for the month in which they leave, but is entitled to a refund of their security/damage deposit.

A landlord can NOT terminate a tenant’s lease, refuse to renew your lease, evict you, or refuse to rent to a tenant because they are a victim of domestic violence.

Have Rent Reduced: In cases of serious defects, a court or arbitrator may determine that rent should be reduced until defect is corrected.The following general information is a Summary of the Main Points of the Washington State Landlord Tenant Law (RCW 59.18) and is not intended as legal advice.Any specific questions should be referred to a qualified enforcement, state court employees, licensed mental health professionals).2.A tenant must notify their landlord in writing about being a victim and attach a copy of the valid court order for protection or record of report to the legally qualified third party.The notice does not have to include the name of the perpetrator of the illegal act.3.


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