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was born in New York City; he was the only child of actor Douglas Fairbanks and his first wife, Anna Beth Sully.His parents divorced when he was nine years old, and both remarried.He was made an Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) in 1949.In the middle 1950s, Fairbanks was a guest star on NBC's The Martha Raye Show.They had three daughters: Daphne, Victoria and Melissa, as well as eight grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.Fairbanks was a friend of Laurence Olivier and was among the contributors to a documentary by The South Bank Show called Laurence Olivier: A Life.In the last years of the silent period, he was elevated to star billing opposite Loretta Young in several pre-Code films. Although he did not win the part, head of production Darryl F. a contract with cast and script approval — a condition which, Fairbanks Jr.He appeared in Our Modern Maidens (1929), which led to a well-publicized romance and marriage to his co-star, Joan Crawford. Zanuck was impressed with Douglas's screen test, and cast him in an important role in The Dawn Patrol. says, was only offered to one other actor at the studio, Richard Barthelmess. Because he spoke French he was put in L'athlet incomplet, which screened only in France. specialised in supporting female stars such as Bette Davis, Loretta Young, Ann Dvorak, and Mary Brian.

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Throughout the remainder of the war, the Beach Jumpers conducted their hazardous, shallow-water operations throughout the Mediterranean.His last film before enlisting was The Corsican Brothers (1941).Although celebrated as an actor, Fairbanks was commissioned as a reserve officer in the United States Navy when the United States entered World War II and was assigned to Lord Mountbatten's Commando staff in the United Kingdom. Roosevelt appointed him special envoy to South America.He became active in both society and politics, but Crawford was far more interested in her career and had an affair with Clark Gable.Despite their divorce, Fairbanks was quick to defend Crawford when her adopted daughter Christina Crawford published Mommie Dearest, a scathing biography of Crawford's personal life.Lieutenant Fairbanks was subsequently transferred to Virginia Beach where he came under the command of Admiral H. The Beach Jumpers' mission would simulate amphibious landings with a very limited force.


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