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Greasy, tangled or messy hair means that people won’t want to run their fingers through it.

Stained and ragged clothes don’t get torn off and thrown to the floor in paroxysms of lust.

There’s a reason why “sexy hobo” isn’t a thing outside of If you’re planning on leaving the house, take the time to work on your grooming. Jordan don’t look like that just by rolling out of bed. Then no matter how amazing you may be as a person, they’re not going to want to talk dirty to you.

Style your hair, make sure your clothes are clean and and wrinkle-free. But while we’re on the subject: Here is one of the most important things you will ever hear from me: how you smell is affects how people think of you, even on an unconscious level.

well, maybe Vancouver could pick up the slack when Hollywood’s gone.After all, we’re not just people, sometimes we’re also pieces of meat, and we would like to be treated accordingly.One of the things that trips people up regularly is that we mistake being attractive for sex-appeal.Being Smart (as opposed to being smart) becomes a reason to stop growing or exploring, except in ways that support the idea of I Am Very Smart.They’re also far more likely to use their intelligence (perceived or otherwise) as a club; they are SMART therefore they are right therefore SHUT UP. That identity often leads to a lot of belittling comments, condescension and looking down one’s nose at people… (This also tends to correspond with You Tube channels involving multi-hour rants full of verbal flack and little actual content of substance.) Cultivating your intellectual curiosity, on the other hand, means that you are engaging in the world around you.It continues to boggle my mind how many people pay next to no attention to how they smell.


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