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Later, a proposal to build a hydroelectric dam called for blasting the Postpile into the river.Influential Californians, including John Muir, persuaded the federal government to stop the demolition and, in 1911, President William Howard Taft protected the area as a National Monument., followed by a 1/4 mile walk.Another feature that places the Postpile in a special category is the lack of horizontal jointing.Several stones from the Devils Postpile can be seen at the entrance to the United States Geological Survey headquarters lot in Reston, Virginia.

Basalt columns are a common volcanic feature, and they occur on many scales (faster cooling produces smaller columns).Together they look like tall posts stacked in a pile, hence the feature's name.If the lava had cooled perfectly evenly, all of the columns would be expected to be hexagonal, but some of the columns have different polygonal cross-sections due to variations in cooling.Estimates of the formations thickness range from 400 feet (120 m) to 600 feet (180 m).The lava that now makes up the Postpile was near the bottom of this mass.but it has been officially styled as plural without the apostrophe since the 1930s.


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