Scary intimidating songs

It terrified me so much, I would actually run out of the room and wait out the commercials.

To this day, that part of the song still creeps me out a little bit...

I need to hear it again to remember it, but she remembers EVERY SINGLE WORD. When they were dug out, one of the guys, Timothy, was missing. I can't think of a song that scared me, but I have to mention that "Somebody's Watching Me" was by Rockwell, with background vocals by Michael Jackson..did y'all know that Rockwell is actually Berry Gordy's son?

I'll second "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia". My sister played me the alleged "I buried Paul" part of "Strawberry Fields Forever" and I wasn't the same for months.

My sister used to run out of the room whenever the theme song from Perry Mason came on. My best friend used to do the same thing when that theme song came on.

But I was about three then."John Henry" and "Casey Jones" (the folk songs). A." now, I'd break my neck to turn the damn radio off.My parents were very religious, and I think I misunderstood some comments I heard about the band KISS.The first time I saw them, I was convinced that they were demons from the pit of hell.Okay, in the spirit of the scary characters thread, what songs frightened you as a child? I shared a room with both my sisters, one 5 years older than me and the other 15 years older than me.I already mentioned "The Big Chair" by Tears for Fears, due to the soundbytes from the movie Sybil. You can imagine the delight of a teenage girl having to share her room with not one, but TWO younger sisters. A." which describes an auto accident and the singer's death. A." now, I'd break my neck to turn the damn radio off.And anyone who liked them must be Satan worshippers.


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