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For those who do not plan to become professional musicians, the school's approach to learning music will enhance musical appreciation, build or enhance new skills and reduce work-related stress.

Very young students will have the opportunity not only to gain a deep knowledge and appreciation of music, but also to enhance their self-esteem and build their character.

FAMILY FUN – a program dedicated to parents and students.

During the lesson small chamber groups will compose and create their own music.

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10 RULES FOR PIANO STUDENTS – each week (for a total of 10 weeks), one rule about posture and hand mistakes made by pianists will be covered.Students will learn to listen, read, write, improvise, and compose music.The program is structured for 3 main age groups: children, teenagers, and adults.This is a 12-week comprehensive program on music theory.The program includes ear training, music literacy, and basics of harmony.All students can develop their innate musical potential at their own pace in a friendly and supportive environment.


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