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' We now tend to round the edges slightly for a much more natural look.'Once your nails are looking good, you'll want to try out some of the great varnish shades around at the moment.Wearing coloured varnish over your base coat will also help to add strength to the natural nail but Phillipa points out that it's important to give your talons some breathing space every few weeks, keeping them bare for a couple of days.'French manicures are very popular at the moment as are dark reds like Chanel's Rouge Noir, ' says Phillipa.Phillipa believes it's important to determine what kind of nails you have before you splash out on any new products.'If your nails are soft and flaky, go for a protein-rich formula that will help to harden them and make them stronger.' She says.'I especially like Nailtiques Protein Formula 2 (£9.95) which you use as a four-day programme.

"If everything off the golf course is good it allows you to be better on it as well," he added.

women do discriminate again blue collar workers who maybe makes half of what a white collar employ would about just dirt poor person who trying to make out of a poor area?

The golfer and girlfriend Erica Stoll have stepped out about a week after engagement rumors surfaced.

Phillipa Law from the New York Nail Company in London, recommends treating yourself to a professional manicure every two to three weeks.

She says: 'The advantage of visiting a nail bar or salon is that you can get your cuticles cared for by a professional.


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