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We brought Mandarin Orange Chicken, a popular restaurant recipe, right to the home kitchen. Lucky us - 2016 saw the opening of 13 brand new stores, from Colorado to California to Texas to Oklahoma to Washington.The Fearless Flyer: Guide to Summer had us mad for mango, as we featured this favored ingredient in everything from cookies to cereal to juice—and even body butter!The first reusable "Save-A-Tree" brand canvas bag was introduced at Trader Joe's. We contemplated the idea of planting cutting gardens in front of our stores. But Trader Joe's did start selling fresh cut flowers. And we let the Sunshine in – that is, it let us in... As busy as bees this year, we also enter Utah (the Beehive state). We've been west, east, north, even south, and finally we are "in" the Rocky Mountains as we open stores in both Idaho and Colorado.A Crew Member in Santa Barbara dressed up as a giant pickle. We opened our first stores in the Pacific Northwest - starting in Beaverton, Oregon and shortly thereafter in Bellevue, Washington... Gracing the airwaves with our quirky product tales for 30 years now – really, no really, "Thanks for listening." Ta-da! In late November 1986, Stengel, a 25 year old vice-president of a tool company, met C. worked as a cocktail waitress at a restaurant/bar in Des Plaines, Illinois. 12-13(a)(1).) The trial court found that Stengel committed an act of sexual penetration upon C.

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eventually produced some cocaine which they shared. On at least one occasion Stengel left a tip for one drink. Stengel returned to the bar on several occasions alone. However, the third time he returned to the bar Stengel used a credit card to pay his bill. D." following Stengel's name, creating the false impression that he was a doctor. and Stengel agreed to meet for lunch on December 5, 1986. wrote her phone number and address on a napkin and gave it to Stengel. did not tell Jeff that she planned to meet Stengel that day. Stengel testified that on December 5, 1986, he drove to C.


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