Oneonone dating com

This is where Amy gets to know the person, hear their personal story, and find out what they’re looking for in a partner (and what they’re not looking for).

During this time, Amy also makes sure the clients don’t know each other, whether through work or social circles or even previous online dating adventures, so everyone has a clean slate.Her unique matchmaking system combines the granular metrics of what the person wants in a date (their preferred height, age, income, well as their deal-breakers) and Amy’s natural talent and intuition for knowing when two people belong together.Once Amy has her ideal pairing, she’ll email both people a “baby bio” of each other, giving them a snapshot of the other’s personality, hobbies, appearance, and getting them excited about how great they’d be together.“I want my clients on the edge of their seats, jaws to the ground, like ‘OMG this person sounds phenomenal,'” she said.Whether someone isn’t 100% over their ex or are in a difficult phase of their life, her instinct can tell if the timing is off.


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