Name a popular dating show

This show has screened all over the world's most watched TV channels till 2000s.

In early 1990s' under the title "Saklamba├ž", it was also introduced in Turkey, as well; thanks to the unforgettable episodes with the host Nurseli Idiz.

Alcala killed at least three other woman after his appearance on The Dating Game. Bradshaw might have been the contributing factor, according to experts.

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See full summary ┬╗ One of the classic game shows created by Chuck Barris.The Dating Game was surely the inspiration for several other shows and today's most popular reality dating shows which tinkered with its structure to reflect the changes in societal attitudes toward sex.For instance, after choosing their date, contestants on "Love Connection(1983-99)" and "Studs(1991-93)" would return to the program to relay the details of what did happen on their date.Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent." The series ran on Television from 1951 - 1959, a new series was created and shown from 1967 - 1970 .The original version of the long-running game show, hosted by veteran host Bob Eubanks.In this show, a single woman would be given a choice of three bachelors whom she could talk with, but not see.


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