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Right now, the company only has the manpower to distribute free condoms in Mexico, though it also sells rubbers in Chile, Argentina, Panama, Colombia, and Hong Kong.

Your personal data will be treated based on the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility in terms of legislation.Rubberit, which Alba calls an NGO-wannabe, has the same "buy one, give one away" model as other charity-oriented outfits like Warby Parker and Tom’s Shoes. It's designed to help the giver as well as the receiver.In countries like Mexico – where having premarital sex, discussing sex, or buying condoms is still taboo – a service like Rubberit helps the public good even if you're the one buying.But the video inspired her to ditch the idea in favor of an operation that needn't rely on donations.She applied to a Mexico City-based startup accelerator, 500 Mexico City, and after being accepted, she built her new company with the help of her brother Sebastian and friend Ricardo Gutierrez, whom she met through Twitter.So far, the company has organized two condom drives during which they've handed out a total of 28,000 rubbers, and it's planning a third giveaway for later this year.


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