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But I guess I hadn't made that clear in my original disambiguation notice and it'd be too confusing or verbose if it were added back in now with that "correction", so I'd say it's fine as it is now.

- Furrykef , (UTC) Sorry, but I still do agree with User: Jmabel.

It could happen -- granted it's much more likely with non-native speakers, but as I'm sure you are aware, many such people use Wikipedia.

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Niteowlneils , (UTC) Where the confusion arose, I think, is that the other uses of "Columbia" comes from the usage for "North America" (I probably should have said that instead of "United States").

I fail to see how this is different, except that there are far more places to be disambiguated and there is, arguably, more of a chance of confusion (that is, "Columbia" and "Colombia" are far more similar than "Nail (anatomy)" and "Nail (engineering)"), both arguments being in my favor.

- Furrykef , (UTC) It is unlikely enough that someone would look for "Columbia", meaning the U.

Also, that user said that there should be a link to the article.

I also pointed out that people who don't have English as their native tongue could spell one and mean the other.


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