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From college roommates to boyfriends to even an ex-boyfriend (is this love algorithm trying to tell me something?), the Huff Post Women team is a bit perplexed by the site's peculiar accuracy.

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Contestants will choose suitors based on their looks in the Sky Living show, which is to air on the channel in March.and Moyles best known for his long-running Radio 1 show.Moyles has been given some stiff competition for listeners by John Humphrys recently, after the veteran broadcaster attracted more than 7million listeners to his Today programme – just 100,000 less than the Radio 1 DJ has for his show.We're assuming the app is based off of things like similar interests, mutual friends, pictures together and/or your overall interaction with certain people on Facebook.After a quick office poll, we realized the Match Machine is pretty spot on.But I don't blame Dean Mc Kendrick (the director / editor) at all. She starred in the Cinemax series Lingerie a few short years ago and that show was awesome and she was (in my opinion) the biggest reason for it! back to the movie: Korbin goes topless, kisses Alice Haig and the scene ends. And what she says goes, because she is the biggest name in the movie. The sex scenes in general are pretty weak, compared to other Retromedia and MRG movies, but again NOT the fault of the Director. The last couple of years or so, they have been cracking down on the explicitness of the sex and nudity of erotic films that air on their networks. I really do appreciate that Retromedia is sort of expanding their boundaries.


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