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Two female cops suddenly turn up and start shooting questions at their so-called vulgar behaviour and accused them of creating a public nuisance.However, Vishnu wasn’t ready to give in so easily and asked the cops if they saw them kissing or if they have any proof of their indecent actions.If you sit in a park with friends from the same gender, no one gives two flying f**ks about it; but if you take a stroll with the ‘opposite’ sex – you will possibly end up turning several heads and get one priceless ‘gyaan’ that will leave you in existential crisis.That’s exactly what happened with Vishnu Vichu and his female friend, who were left baffled when two female cops came and started interrogating them and called their behaviour “vulgar” for no reason.#With Her constantly trends on social media to show solidarity with the victim. Josephine received human excreta in her mail this month, after she flagged people making insulting comments against the female actor.However, Dileep’s large fan base and movie professionals close to him have pushed back, who see him as a scapegoat of a hyper-active media. Fifteen out of the 16 journalists resigned from Malayalam news portal South Live, after the editor of the portal, Sebastian Paul, published an article favouring Dileep’s bail plea.Bengaluru: While much of India enjoyed Ramlila performances over the weekend, a different battle of good-versus-evil played out in the movie halls of Kerala.

Pissed off with this moral policing, Vishnu even asked whether they would have had any problems if a gay or a lesbian couple sat there.Many people see watching Ramaleela or not as taking a stand on sex crimes. Ramachandran even asked the public in a Facebook post to destroy theatres screening the movie; he later apologized, saying it was an emotional outburst.In the week before its release, several filmmakers and writers called for boycotting the movie. Dileep has been denied bail four times and there was sloganeering when he was taken out of jail for court appearances in July.The Group claimed to hack and delete the entire content of 35 Facebook pages and 25 groups for illegally sharing pornographic content involving women and minors.The group after deleting the contents posted the “hack note” on the groups and pages.But then even homosexuality isn’t accepted with open arms in our society!


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