Jeff branson dating ano ang dating pangalan ng lupang hinirang

Jonathan couldn't bear for Lily to be declared incompetent, so he called a stop to the proceedings.

He told her the truth about his recovery, but she couldn't bring herself to forgive Jonathan.

Jonathan arrived as an unnamed stranger looking desperately for Ryan Lavery.

He was shooed away by the Fusion girls (except for Simone, who flirted shamelessly with him).

On the personal side, Jonathan crossed paths with Maggie Stone and the two started hanging out.

They became lovers, but Jonathan was having horrible mood swings. It wasn't long before Jonathan spiraled completely out of control and kidnapped Greenlee and Lily & later Kendall.

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East Enders, Coronation Street and Emmerdale attract millions of viewers every week with their explosive plot lines and saucy romances.Lily went online looking to meet someone who "matched" her and was duped by Terry, the violent sexual predator Jonathan had saved her from in New York City, posing as "Asperger Boy." Lily agreed to meet "Asperger Boy" and soon found herself in danger.Fortunately, Jonathan found her and saved her from being raped by Terry.That heroic act earned Jackson's respect for Jonathan, but Jackson's approval came too late when Lily no longer wanted anything to do with him.Amanda seduced Jonathan and they began a "no-strings" relationship, one that Jonathan ended when he realized that Amanda's heart was engaged. It was Amanda who helped him through the aftermath of his beloved sister's death.Ryan quickly forgave him, saying that Kendall was really the one to blame.


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