Intimidating fantasy football team names

See, friends, a clever fantasy team names is the hallmark and starting point of a good season. Because then you’ll end up like Sloppy Sobby Girl and crying in your Honda. Because I like to think Jason Pierre-Paul hurt himself out of love, trying to impress his girl with some firecracker trick. Another Jason Pierre-Paul joke for you hip-hop enthusiasts. I hope before the start of the 2015 NFL season he’s donated some plasma, because I’m tired of seeing Bloody Watty every damn season. I’m glad he has zero time to wipe the gushing blood from his face while someone else tries to. #Stop Bleeding JJ Jon Gruden and Cris Collinsworth are the kings of drawing way too many abstract lines and circles on national television. But at least we have a sweet fantasy football name. My grandma was unforgiving with the Italian weapon of choice - the wooden spoon - she’d use to punish me when I got lippy.

Do you really want to be the one who has to resort to your favorite team or alma mater and be the super intimidating “Go Buckeyes! The V sign, also known as the “victory gesture”, is used to represent peace or victory. These beautiful Pictionary drawings usually end up looking like a ... Hey, remember last year when you got the first-round pick in your fantasy league, and Adrian Peterson ended up being suspended for child abuse? Try Daily Fantasy Football this season and compete for millions of dollars at Draft Kings and Fan Duel!

Or make them groan with an outrageously terrible one. Below is a list of all our best, worst, funniest, punniest and otherwise noteworthy names for your team. • Bilal Guys • Diners, Drive-ins and Diggs • Henne at Halftime • Dunkirk Cousins • Meet the Hooper • Halfway Cooks • Black Bortles • White Welkers • Hakuna Asiata • Suh Fast Suh Furious • Ngata, Ngata ...

Ngata Gonna Work Here Anymore, Anyway • Who Needs a House Out in Hackenberg • Paul Perkins!

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The player pun is the Adam Sandler movie of the team names: a lot of people do ’em, people seem to enjoy ’em, but you can probably do better. The super personal ones maybe affect only one or two people that are in your group. Tip 3: If all else fails, go with a sexual reference. CBSSports took a survey of this year’s fantasy football team names, and as it appears, well over a third of the names connote general sexual reference. My go-to cue for football starting is being lambasted by commercials of athletes telling me to pick them because of their performance last season, or when that commercial the NFL recycles every year with Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” comes on and some blonde girl whose fantasy team name was “Romolicious” is sobbing in her convertible.Maybe she’s crying because her fantasy team name is a mixture of Tony Romo and Bubblicious chewing gum, not because she went 1-13. So that’s why here at Fantasy Wired, we’re here to help. Shout-out to CBS for always showing close-ups of Watt’s bloody mangled face during the game! Watt’s girlfriend, if you’re out there, can you just swap positions with your boyfriend for one week out of the month, please? I mean, you’re welcome to direct your opprobrium at me on Twitter, but I’m telling you right now: I’m Italian.For example, “Manziel In Distress” works well, because Manziel is a brand fresh but well-known draft, and “Damsel in Distress” is a classic phrase.Tip 2: Try combining one prominent player with an inside joke.Here are a few option: Insane Clowney Posse, Turn Down For Watt, Charles in Charge, Won’t Take No Flacco.


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