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It may well have been that individual believers had differing convictions, i.e.

a new believer who was a converted Gentile, a vegetarian, a Sabbath-keeper, and a wine-drinker.

” “I’m Northern Conservative Baptist.” “Well, call Ripley’s. ” The man on the rail thought for a moment and then declared, “My father raised me as a Northern Conservative Baptist Reformed.” “It’s a miracle,” said the first man. So am I.” Then he asked, “Are you Northern Conservative Baptist Reformed Great Lakes Region or Northern Conservative Baptist Reformed Great Plains Region? My family has always been Northern Conservative Baptist Reformed Great Lakes Region.” “This is a miracle of miracles.

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Are you Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, or something else? I don’t often meet a brother who shares my own heritage.

Romans 14 teaches us an important truth about accepting other believers.

I believe this is an important word for us to hear.

Once upon a time a man took a walk and came to a bridge. I don’t know what it is, maybe just human nature, that causes us to focus on the small things that don’t matter while ignoring the large areas where we agree 100%.

When he got to the middle of the bridge, he saw a man standing on the rail, obviously about to jump. This is a sermon about the dangers of a judgmental spirit.


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