Hilary swank dating john campisi

(Read David Edelstein's review here.) Can Swank make it back into Oscar's good graces for a third time, or would she be better served to change things up?We spoke to industry insiders to answer the question: If Hilary Swank were a stock, should you buy, sell, or hold?Unlike many actresses her age, the 36-year-old Swank is better suited for award-caliber dramas than romantic comedies, and while Hollywood is rough on women already, it's even less receptive to the idea of building a mid-priced drama around one.Still, Swank has persevered, and her latest entry in what is quickly becoming a niche she owns the hell out of — fact-based dramas about downmarket outsiders overcoming long odds — is , which comes out today.Only twelve women have won more than one Best Actress Oscar, and Hilary Swank did it before she turned 30.With that milestone met, she joined an elite group of actresses that includes Jodie Foster and Bette Davis, but even that exceptionally high level of praise from her peers hasn't given Swank carte blanche to do whatever she wants in Hollywood."I think she works in that 'plucky underdog' thing, but I think she’s weirdly un-versatile," sniffed one agent, and while we wouldn't go quite that far — say what you want about her films getting same-y, but when Swank is in the right role, she kills — it's clear that she is courting a perception problem.Whether or not she accepts a commercial action flick or digs into an utterly different supporting part in someone else's film, Swank would be best advised to take a vacation from Oscar-baity dramas for a while.

While romantic comedies have never seemed the right fit for Swank, it's sort of astounding that despite her athleticism, she's never taken on a go-for-broke action-hero role or a part in a superhero movie.

"And there aren’t that many commercial, great roles for a female year-to-year as it is.

Being lower on the pecking order than those stars makes it that much harder.

Things must still be amicable though; as far as we know, he's still her agent.

Bummer things didn't work out in the love department, but at least they're both still able to help each other in the career department.


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