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"After Hills' dismissal from the stand, Allison indicated that testimony from Mac Callum's half sister Amber Lubbers was coming soon.

At a preliminary hearing earlier this year, it was Lubbers who testified that she had firsthand knowledge that Mac Callum had killed her husband and that she had helped dispose of the body.

" Hills replied he did not know where the Mac Callums were going camping, he had no way to get there and he was at work.

Later, when Hills said he did not know what time Chris was killed, Duncan asked, "How do you know you were at work if you don't know when Chris was killed?

He testified that Mac Callum had told him she was unaware of whether her husband had a life insurance policy, and that she had described to him an altercation between her husband and her former lover.

Forensics expert Brett Liddicote, a prosecution witness, told the court he had found evidence of visits to dating sites on Mac Callum's computer, but on cross examination he admitted there was no way to be sure who had accessed the sites.

Over the past 200 years Christian leaders have made various attempts to fit the millions of years into the Bible.

But about 200 years ago some scientists developed new theories of earth history, which proposed that the earth and universe are millions of years old.

Seeking: That’s Rumi and if you don’t get it, you’re blocked.

Dislikes: Taxidermy in restaurants, human rights atrocities, unscheduled explosions, being attacked, weddings when they’ve been living together for a thousand years, ragged fingernails with hangnails, illegal elections, rape, that Pinochet got away with it, how society calls people who volunteer to be ‘carers’ for intellectually handicapped adults with the mental age of children saints when they might be exploitative, that the electric chair execution is still legal in Alabama, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina and Virginia, people making more than one call in a row to “get hold of me” if it is not an emergency, air conditioning, botox that collapses one brow but they say it is fine…the usual.

Hills said in Siskiyou County Superior Court Wednesday that his relationship with Mac Callum had involved submissive and dominant sexual role-play — a partnership he said requires a great deal of trust between the participants.

It was because of that trust, Hills alleged, that Mac Callum told him that she would be better off if her husband were dead.


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