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When marketing online, “you want sustained engagement with the brand rather than just a click-through” to a purchase or product information, says Bonita Stewart, responsible for interactive marketing for Daimler Chrysler’s Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge brands.

“Avatars create an opportunity for just this type of engagement.” Given the potential, marketers need to acquaint themselves with the phenomenon of avatars and to consider whether it requires a rethinking of marketing messages and channels.

Birdsong and a gentle breeze enliven the scene at dawn, and as you walk by a house later in the day you may hear music emanating from an open window.

But the avatar, as a distinct creation of the user’s psyche, can influence its creator’s purchasing behavior and even make its own purchases of real-world products in the virtual world, deliverable to the user’s real-world door.

And as the technology improves over the next decade, virtual worlds may well eclipse film, TV, and non–role-playing computer games as a form of entertainment.

That’s because, instead of watching someone else’s story unfold in front of them on a screen, users in these worlds create and live out their own stories.

And that makes it potentially a dream marketing venue.

Instead of targeting passive eyeballs, marketers here have the opportunity to interact with engaged minds. Residents spend—in Linden dollars, the local currency, available at in-world ATMs—the equivalent of million a month on resident-to-resident transactions for in-world products and services. The flesh-and-blood avatars residing in the virtual world?


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