Five stages of dating

A couple’s individual social life, separate social groups and habit of going out with their friends is a good idea at this time. Building This stage covers sixth to tenth years of the relationship. The rituals and traditions of both partners are now merged. It is a great time to fix broken areas and fill gaps that you had left in the earlier stages. Rick and Resilience in Lesbian and Gay Couples: Comment on Solomon, Rothblum, and Balsam (2004).

The concept of sharing and doubts is no longer applicable and has changed from strong will to no wish of changing anything and anyone.

Solomon, Rothblum, and Balsam did comparison between lesbian couples and married heterosexuals; surprisingly, the results showed no differences between the two types of couples.

This also indicated equal division of work at home and reported support from their friends and families.

Remember to note these stages work as the foundation of a lesbian relationship.

Majority of research studies have successfully found that before entering the stages, there is no rule to maintain equal amount of contentment and to have a smooth passage in the lesbian relationship. It is important to adopt these stages as guidance for the purpose of doing expected activity determined by each stage. The Ego and the Mechanism of Defense (The Writings of Anna Freud, Vol.


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