Fender tele dating

The materials and build quality of these reissues was exceptionally good.They were priced at £319 when they first appeared in the mags.As I mentioned, this model didn't hit the shops until 1990 and it doesn't appear in the mid '80s Fender catalogues, so those dates are obviously incorrect.

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They were modelled on a late 1954 Fender Telecaster, as is evident in the combination of brass bridge saddles (they were steel by 1955), white scratchplate (previous models featured black), and creamy blond standard finish, which differed from the original butterscotch used on earlier ’50s Teles.

Colours aside, there were a number of inaccuracies to bug vintage nitpickers, but not significantly more than you’d typically get on any other MIJ Fender reissue.

Probably the most obvious inaccuracy was the wiring arrangement.

Other than that, the guitar is very ’54, and externally of course you don’t see the wiring, switch type, etc.

I should stress that these small lapses in, or intentional departures from authenticity only stand out because otherwise, the guitar is so true to the original version.


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