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Several NP attributes contributing to these applications include: high surface area to volume ratio and high surface reactivity [4].Magnetic NPs (m NPs), such as superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (Fe), are of such a size that they are easily magnetised under an applied field, but lose their magnetism as soon as the magnetic field is removed (thus preventing NP aggregation), and provide an excellent platform for use in clinic.In the study herein, fluorescently tagged 200nm m NPs functionalised with a penetratin were introduced to monolayer fibroblast cells in the presence and absence of a magnetic field.Cell internalisation was quantified, and the mechanism of uptake was analysed using PCR and western blot (clathrin and caveolin) alongside internalisation when cultured with the specified blockers.In addition to the use of CPPs, the efficacy of m NP internalisation may be further enhanced by the use of external static magnetic fields [21] through a process termed ‘magnetofection’, which is capable of increasing the transfection rates to about 100 fold using extremely low concentrations of m NPs [22].We have previously shown that both the use of magnetic field and penetratin increased cellular uptake of 500 nm NPs [23].

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The discovery of these natural peptides was followed by the development of various synthetic analogues of tat peptides such as penetratin, a peptide of 16 amino acids, derived from the DNA binding domain of the Antennapedia homeoprotein, which is currently the second most commonly used CPP in NP research after the HIV tat peptide [20].Currently m NPs are employed in clinic in MRI, which allows intra-tissue and intracellular detection.The major hurdle presented to cellular internalisation is the cell plasma membrane, which acts as a barrier to block the molecules that are usually not actively imported by cells.The first discovered CPP was the HIV transactivator of transcription (tat) peptide, which is a non-toxic curtailed version of the naturally existing protein [13,14].Dowdy suggested in 2001 that they are basically charged [15], with 48-60 amino acid residues being mainly responsible for the translocation properties of the membrane [16].Alternatively, clathrin-dependent endocytosis is a receptor-mediated endocytosis, which involves the formation of plasma membrane vesicles membrane invagination, containing receptors that are highly specific to the molecule being internalised.


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