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Also offers insight into the doctor's side of the relationship, showing how doctors are trained to be task oriented and how their natural human sympathy is discouraged at work.

This workbook distills the results of these studies into a usable, supportive guide.This information includes disciplinary actions, but not malpractice histories. Memory Minder: Personal Health Journa, by Frances E. Wilkins, Paperback Revised edition (August 1993) Memory Minder.Checklist format, spiral binding, provides an organized and accurate way to track vitamins, herbs, medications, diet, exercise, symptoms, progress, and all the other factors that make up your personal health picture. " The Intelligent Patient's Guide to the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Learning How to Talk So Your Doctor Will Listen, by Barbara M.The Centers primary goals include:1.) improving health professionals' understanding of the "whole" person with a disability, through the development of curriculum that is integrated into the students' education at pre- and postgraduate levels, Depression: What The Consumer Needs To Know (added 4/8/98) Getting over Getting Older : An Intimate Journey, by Letty Cottin Pogrebin, Paperback - 336 pages (May 1997), Berkley Pub Group.(added 12/28/99) No disability -specific content, but a good read.Barbara Korsch talks about being belittled and patronized in interactions with her doctor--and he knew she was a fellow physician!


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