Depreciation updating of values has errors sap

Background For more detailed information, refer to the R/3 Library for Asset Accounting or the online documentation for Asset Accounting.Additional information is also found in the Euro Support Guide.Year-End-Closing in Asset Accounting The process described in this blog assists you in keeping on top of Critical Factors, such as data consistency, which can involve a considerable amount of time and work during the year-end closing phase in asset accounting.This blog takes you through all of the steps necessary for an unproblematic year-end closing, before the critical external audit phase.When you run RAAFAR00, a statistical log is issued. Correct the errors leading to any error messages you receive, and start an update run of report RAAFAR00 for these assets.Background Under certain circumstances, such as those listed below, depreciation values are not updated in the depreciation areas of some assets: IMPORTANT: Up to and including this step, you can repeat all activities as often as necessary to ensure that the system is up-to-date.Background Incomplete assets can be created, for example, when the user lacks authorization for master data fields that are required entry fields, but these are not so critical that the asset cannot be created at all.

In order to prevent these problems before they can happen, you should follow the steps below in the sequence they are listed.Modification of transaction types to agree with the current Support Package status, as necessary.Background The implementation of Support Packages does not change customer-specific settings, although this may be necessary in a few, well-documented cases. In addition, old Customizing settings (for example, investment support measures) are not reset or only partially reset, and their completeness is checked by the year-end closing program.Critical Factor Missing indexes can lead to the following errors: Recommendation and Troubleshooting You should enter the indexes for determining replacement values, or for updating the base insurable value, as part of the preparations for closing. It is important to carry out a recalculation of depreciation after the index series have been maintained. For assistance with indexing and carrying forward insurable values in fiscal years that are already closed, contact your consultant.Background Calculation and carryforward of indexed values, above all insurable values, takes place solely during the fiscal year change.Reconciliation differences occur due to being unable to run the depreciation recalculation.


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