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The emphasis by the denomination on holiness and sanctification are probably its most visible identifying markers.

Contemplative spirituality practices, which are nothing more than “Christianized” transcendental meditation, are being taught in Nazarene universities, seminaries, and churches.Our General Superintendents will eventually need to make a statement and clarify to the body of the church where they stand.It is certainly much more than what I have given you here, but what I have said already, ought to cause any discerning Christian to take heed.In a way, that is good, because most likely, those churches that have not been affected are still grounded in solid Bible based theology and teaching.The bad news is that many congregations are slowly being fed this error filled ideology by their pastors or leadership in small doses, much like slowly heating up a frog in a pan of water.I believe I can make a case that the church is already well on its way to abandoning its holiness roots and sound Christian doctrine, and has been for some time.


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