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Often adolescents need help understanding and managing the emotional aspects of relationships.Positive romantic emotions, such as elation, increased energy, and a positive outlook on life can increase motivation.Negative emotions also accompany romantic relationships (Larson et al. Many adolescents experience jealousy, anger, longing, and grief because of problems in their dating relationships and the relationship break-ups they experience.Often adolescent dating relationships are short in duration and can involve great fluctuations in positive and negative emotions.There are alarming rates of relationship violence occurring among adolescent dating partners.Well over 20 percent of adolescents experience psychological or physical abuse from a dating partner (Roberts and Klein 2003).In fact, adolescents often believe that conflict is negative and use maladaptive strategies to cope.Their tendency to hold idealistic, rather than realistic, beliefs about romantic relationships (Montgomery 2005) can lead to ineffective coping with relationship problems that emerge. Out-of-wedlock child bearing prior to marriage is associated with increased risk of divorce (Amato 2000), and approximately 70 percent of women who have their first child out of wedlock will have all of their children nonmaritally (Seltzer 2000).

Emotions are a central part of romantic relationships at any age, and can be positive, as well as negative (Larson, Clore, and Wood 1999).A summary of key findings from the first year of a multi-year curriculum evaluation study is provided.Keywords: adolescent development, youth-focused relationships/marriage education, curriculum evaluation Information about romantic relationships may be especially relevant and timely for adolescents in high school.Some adolescents do not cope well with the negative emotions, becoming depressed, suicidal, or violent.In addition, some use drugs/alcohol to cope with their negative emotions.For example, because she is “in love,” a teen that ordinarily uses good judgment may get into a car being driven by her drunken boyfriend.


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