Dating parenthood

No word on whether or not Ok C would also provide a pro-life filter (#IStand With Babies). This isn’t the first time the dating community has expressed support for Planned Parenthood.Earlier this year, to the applause of many in the media, dating app Bumble raised ,000 for the abortion giant.Polling shows millennials may be one of the most pro-life generations in recent history.In fact, 53% of this demographic believes abortion should be illegal or illegal with exceptions for cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.

Book Description: This new innovative book aims to investigate adult dyslexics and their long-term relationships, along with their journey through parenthood. Of course, Cosmopolitan thinks this is a great idea because “defunding Planned Parenthood would have an irreconcilable impact on women’s healthcare across the country, and particularly on low-income communities that overwhelmingly rely on Planned Parenthood for contraception, screenings, and abortion care” and to match with someone who doesn’t agree would be “totally terrible.” It is very likely the liberal echo-chamber in leadership at Ok Cupid agrees with Cosmo’s belief that dating someone who doesn’t celebrate Planned Parenthood’s abortion business would be “terrible.” After all, IAC (Inter Active Corp), the parent company of the dating service and several others, is also the owner of the left-leaning Daily Beast online news service.Furthermore, liberals like Chelsea Clinton, Barry Diller (billionaire supporter of Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg), and Michael Eisner (former CEO of Disney) sit on IAC’s Board of Directors.One of the most popular dating apps is filtering its users by support for Planned Parenthood, because a “shared cause is sexy” even when it’s America's largest abortion provider. ’ And that’s a lot of people; over 80% of respondents have said ‘no’ so far, and the question is garnering hundreds of new responses every day.On Monday, dating site and app Ok Cupid (Ok C) advertised a “new profile badge” to help users “filter for Planned Parenthood supporters” for a month. While more than one million install the Ok C app per week, it’s anyone’s guess as to how many users answer that particular question.But thanks to a new partnership between OKCupid and Planned Parenthood, it's now possible to select your online hookups based on how firmly they're committed to preserving a woman's right to procure an abortion.


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