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The tiniest physical gesture makes you dizzy with love.

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You two know each other so well that you communicate in shorthand.The song that came up on your playlist five separate times on the two-hour drive to the amusement park …the song the pep band always plays win you win basketball games …that one Hulu commercial jingle that isn't funny to anyone else, but cracks you both up every time you hear it because it's one of your many inside jokes. You spend so much time at each other's houses, your separate Netflix profiles have basically merged into one giant "recommended for you" melting pot.19. When something bad happens to your bae, it hits you in the gut so hard it's like it's happening to you. On that note, your BF or GF would never do that thing where they get silent and moody and don't tell you what's wrong.When bad sh*t happens, you to talk about it with each other.21. You guys fight over stupid stuff and he or she inevitably has some annoying habits, like listening to weird music or insisting on wearing jeans that are 2000-and-late.Russian Flirting, active since July 2015 Russian is the best 100% free Russian dating site.


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