Dating during 1960s

This was very much inspired by political goings on of the time and tended to be quite androgynous.

(Colourful outfits on Carnaby Street in London, via The early 1960s still, for the most part, adhered to the fashion ideals of the late 50s.

During the 60s, toward the end of the decade, nylon zippers started to be used in place of metal ones.

If your garment has a nylon zipper, it is most certainly from the mid-late 60s or later.

The “space age” look became all the rage with lots of metallic and unusual materials.

Also popular was the Mod movement, which took inspiration from trendy high fashion European designers.

The mid-60s saw a lot of new innovations and sources of inspiration in fashion.(Typical early-60s dress, via Christine’s 1960s Fashion Page) During the early sixties, Jackie O. Two piece suits with pencil skirts and short tailored jackets were very popular, along with the “pillbox hat.” The hourglass silhouette was still fashionable, though skirts began to become narrower as time went on, eventually becoming slim-fitting pencil skirts. in the early 60s) As the decade progressed, the defined waistline of the 50s started to relax, giving way to garments that were either slim and tight fitting all the way through, or loose garments that hung off the body.Dropped waistlines became stylish again during the mid-1960s, as they had been during the 20s.The flamboyance was of British origin and featured lots of opulent velvets, ruffled collars and cuffs, cravats for men, etc.On the flip side was the hippie movement, which began during the end of the era.Until this time, fashion was mainly focused on adults, taking inspiration from high fashion and couture houses.


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