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Before you move forward with this relationship, please try a few things.

You need to get out of passive mode and start being proactive.

I'll go back to that word, "intoxicating", because we are intoxicated when the heart starts racing.Good luck - and if you think it's too late for you to find love, read my next letter.Dear Lesley, I'm 73, cannot walk and live in a residential home. He takes me out once or twice a week and we have a warm and loving relationship. It's not every day of the week but, frankly, isn't it nice to have a bit of peace and quiet, too?Love is a drug, a cocktail of powerful hormones and, as with any powerful drug, the highs can be followed by quite awful lows.The deep lows are pretty much guaranteed when the love in question is, in any way, abusive or illicit. There are two people who are making a decision to behave in a certain way.I have devoted myself to bringing up my three children and caring for my father, who has now died.


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