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It is quite common to allot one parent "even-year" holidays and the other "odd-year" holidays.

Alternating holidays means that you must deal with your disappointment about not spending every holiday with your children.

Those expectations can create major stress for all families who are trying to handle holidays - not just divorced families.

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Children are usually quite happy celebrating a day or so late.

These parents dig deep within themselves and manage to be at the same table with each other. But if there is even the slightest chance of negativity, hurt feelings, or "bad vibes" don't force yourself and your children into this option for handling holidays.

And sadly, some parents don't see their children at all. For them holiday celebrations can be especially difficult because they can't help but think about their children and how sad it is not to be with them.

Steer clear of engaging in the "I can provide a better holiday than you can" competition with your child's other parent.

Instead focus on developing and enjoying a quality relationship with your child.


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