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Thanks, Scott Subject: Meade LPI: Small Telescopes Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2004 From: Graham, John L ([email protected]) We've had great weather here for almost a week and I was ready for a break from dragging out my homebuilt 16.5", so last night I got out one of my little 60mm f/12 refractors.

The Moon looked great and I was curious to see how well the Meade LPI would work with it.

(my laptop is 450 Celeron) What graphics chipset you have will also have an impact.

Looking in the LPI Manual i see: Wind 98se, 64 MB ram, 100 MB disk. The LPI app probably cares more about RAM then speed, but that's a guess.

At any rate, the LPI sprang to life after I hooked it up to the new system!

My first test image of a bird feeder in my backyard was less than spectacular, but at least the darn thing is working now!

Subject: Autostar Suite LPI problem Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2004 From: Menefee, Scott ([email protected]) I got an LXD75 N-6 yesterday that came with the Autostar Suite, and shortly thereafter ran across your web site, from which I am already benefiting considerably. My computer recognizes the hardware, the red light comes on the LPI, and I get no error messages at all, but I never get anything on the live view but a black screen (and yes, the lens cap is off).

If you have any ideas or suggestions, given your familiarity and expertise with the product, I would greatly appreciate it.

Each source image was an average of 50 frames with medium edge sharpening real-time using the LPI software.

Alex Evans Subject: Meade and LPI Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 From: Colin Jackson. Sent: Monday, August 9, 2004 From: Ms Sandra Jas ([email protected]) May I congratulate you on your excellent site(s) it is by far the best site I have visited in my limited net access starting 3 mths ago. Has anyone tried fitting a cooling device to the LPI.

([email protected]) Having just bought a Meade 125 along with the Autostar Suite I am getting poor pictures thro the LPI. Inspection shows a heat sink will fix direct to the chip.

I've also been getting some great pictures through a microscope using the LPI, but I figure that's for another forum.

Have a great day, -John Subject: LPI freezes when stop button pressed Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2004 From: Gerald Sargent ([email protected]) Using LPI on a Toshiba 4280 with 500MHz CPU and 256K of RAMand 40G HD.


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