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Of in spirits and ghosts whatever put every wanna call that paranormal sub genre that's what we're going to be talking about. So while they get the while they try to get an aspect on.

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For this field and just I think it's really important yet as well.

And depth and recent findings in quantum physics and medicine actually relate to paranormal events element to explain some of the stuff are at. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. If you wanna call we'll take calls later in the program. Connected the dots between a couple of books some findings and it really started to make a lot of sense. He said you had some experiences can you share anything without sending them there the encounters or phenomenally witnessed. Well want to talk about in the book H bomb attack disparaged riot now. It my twentieth and at least where baseball cap a lot not one day I cut my car and drive it out east at live. I could figure out what is so licks itself capital inside the car.

And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I'm as weak begin and continue our discussion talk tonight about some new. And evidence information not exactly sure how determined here but our guests will tell us that may pave the way to actually understanding what's going on in what in the world. Gonna get to know who you are and down tell us about yourself on how you got interest in this topic at all. Any never were able to call an explanation for that. Yeah I don't think anybody just stops that abruptly there was a little lost there felt a little strays too tough yeah okay well there's a couple things that we can talk about oil slick and he gets a gets back on the program but Bob we've got a best of show coming up. And the next week we've got a pretty interesting guests on Monday night Jake. Channel for assessment and non physical author and educator I'm sure I'm yet it should be interesting show Seth returns project and the perched old guy film project.

So in November 1922 Einstein was traveling from Europe to Japan for lecture series she's being paid 2000 pounds by his Japanese publisher and host. Million dollars just notes written in Melbourne is no Jones is.

An understatement OK so and the one that sold for one point. It was written in German and hotel stationery and this is exactly regret. Hush I don't know I'm not so sure that if you would have mattered what he wrote I don't know how rare Einstein's. Each allow salute there really underestimated what some would pave. I'm Fran and before was designed saying credited with. And was estimated to sell for a high of 6000 hours.


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