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6080 crore, and was paying a yearly interest of Rs.

The yearly borrowings have significantly increased since 2010-2011.

They need some functionality built on top of standard features of TFS to make it more user friendly, automated and to target a larger scope than what is available.

All these services are tied together with the Integration Service.

As of 2015, the Puducherry government had a net debt of Rs.

Ewald Hofman had written a tutorial for that before he joined Microsoft, when he was an MVP.

For some he is the benevolent, people-loving CM who does his best given the limitations of governing a Union Territory.

But the problem is the CM does not know how to handle it.

Integrated set of services is the unique offering of TFS which had made it one of the top Application Lifecycle Management provider world over.

Some additional assemblies are copied on the machine where the TFS Application Tier is installed.


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