Biblical standards in a dating relationship Adult simulator date gym games

It means this man God’s Word and sees it as a necessary part of his life.

The Bible provides us with all the wisdom we need to make wise decisions in life. Queuing off the point above, a man who loves God’s Word will actively pursue wisdom. Wisdom is This man doesn’t just quote Bible verses and attend church; he actually lives out what he believes.

The man who “fears the Lord” will understand this love and bring it to any dating relationship he is in. He should spend time studying God’s Word (Psalm 112:1).

The psalmist actually said this man “takes delight” in God’s Word, which is much more than just studying it, memorizing facts and going through the motions.

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It is important to love and honor others as we love ourselves (Romans 12:9-10), and this is certainly true for a courtship or dating relationship.

A man who loves God’s Word will be guided by that wisdom in his relationships. This is essential for a long-term relationship, both with God and with other people. He should be gracious and compassionate (Psalm 112:4).

Because this man knows God, his character should reflect God’s heart. He gives second chances, shows mercy and loves us in spite of our sins. God is perfectly righteous, which means He cannot sin.

Reverence for God is the first step to a thriving relationship with Jesus and with others—including the girl he dates.

In order to love you the way God designed, he must first understand God’s definition of love.


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