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Long is a slightly awkward writer, but you can overlook this in most instances.

The endless dick puns got a little grating in the end.

These soft tissue parts of the body are fragile, easily destroyed and easily missed if they are preserved. Okay, we have viviparity (live birth) how did these fish have sex? Jurassic Park totally skipped that part in their cute animation.

So this book is an attempt to scientifically explain the mechanics of sex and where it fits with evolution; and the evolution of the penis.

Some good basic information, especially if you are into marine animals, but not a book to be read from cover to cover.

I also would love to check some of the facts, such as speed of erection, in some species. Whilst the content is extremely interesting, the proofreading is fairly poor which can, at times, making reading this book difficult.

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This book caught my attention mostly because the title is catchy and when I read the I haven’t read any science books for a very long time.

Personally that made me ask what the heck is happening inside the female Argentine duck but that is not a question that Dr Long answered.

There is your next book, Dr Long - the wonder and power of the uterus.

In his palaeontology travelogue through reproduction and deviancy, Dr John Long’s research pretty much puts the human inhabitants of planet Earth to shame – this is Survivor with sexual twists and mass evictions.

From his roots in Melbourne, to fossilised ducks that copulated on the seabed 380 million years ago, Long’s account of sexual evolution A fossil is like a compact disc, only, it’ll last one hell of a lot longer and the information stored within it, is a trillion times more fascinating.


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