Andy lee and solbi dating

Alex sings "Like a Child" for Shinae after preparing several romantic events.On the next day, each couple wakes up and prepare breakfast.Hyung Don and Saori have a quarrel yet again, but nonetheless they still go out for a picnic with their lunch boxes and fly kites in the windy weather. Crown J makes rice balls and decides to take In Young to a baseball match. She takes the lunch boxes and goes to visit Andy and Shinhwa at their 10th anniversary concert.While eating lunch, Andy and Solbi accidentally share their first kiss.He then tells her that he has to leave the show for a while because of his upcoming first solo album release. After buying the gifts, Andy prepares an impressive banquet for Solbi's parents who come to their house later.Saori doesn't appear in the episode, instead, she has left a message to Hyung Don, revealing they had decided to go for a ‘divorce’. Crown J prepares another big surprise for In Young by singing "Too Much". Hyun Joong and Hwangbo go for their honeymoon in Jeju Island, while the Hwi Jae and Yeo Jeong couple set up their new house.Se revelo que Andy como las otras celebridades Tony Ahn , Yang Sae Hyung y Boom , que estaban sirviendo en las fuerzas armadas durante ese tiempo, fueron atraídos por un corredor mientras estaban de permiso en el ejército.

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The next mission for each couple is "Spring Kimchi making".28 de Noviembre, en el Tribunal del Distrito Central de Seúl, reveló que Andy apostó 44 millones de won,recibiedo una multa de 5 millones de won (,700).Una multa de juego normal que por lo general es menos de 10,000,000 wones.Hyung Don keeps copying other couples actions from previous episodes and this leads to disappointment for Saori.Alex brings Shin Ae to his recording studio and sings her a song.While having dinner, Hyun Joong continues to mispronounce ‘ssangchu’ (lettuce), much to Hwangbo's amusement, and since then, they have been dubbed by the hosts as the ‘Lettuce’ couple.


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