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Those outraged about the toy aren’t necessarily bothered by the pictures, or vice versa, but quite a bit of intersectionality exists in those expressions of displeasure.

Not only that, much of the outrage seemingly stems from incomplete understandings of the numerous factors at play, ranging from the hyper-gendering of toys to the legalities of transformative use of intellectual property.

All too often, Slave Leia has been the , which is affirmatively objectification that serves no storytelling purpose, and like her daughter this imagery seems to be used for licensed material in far greater proportion than the character’s on-screen time in the scanty outfit.

144 featured my article on Leia as an empowered female archetype, with Slave Leia on the cover; this did not come as a surprise after mid-riff butt-pose Padmé graced the cover of Issue 142, which featured my piece on the Naboo monarch’s legacy as a strong female character.

It’s almost comical to imagine a book passage discussing the body casting for Hayden Christensen’s codpiece or him standing in full frontal nudity before a female costume designer with a crush on him.

Alinger’s book suggests that Lucas wasn’t convinced he could persuade Fisher on the costume; there is plenty of evidence that actresses have had little choice, until the last decade or so, to refuse.

If you can you're a weird Rain Man genius, but we'd still like you to try because we think it's a fun game. ) Amy Schumer's measurements and bra size are 38-28-39 inches (97-71-99 cm) and 36B. )People are always looking for pics of Amy Schumer nude, and while these may not be pics of Amy Schumer naked (GOT YA! In December 2016 it was announced that Amy Schumer was being cast for the new Barbie live action movie.

While there are many sexy pictures, these are the hottest around (that sentence was a way to kill time for you to guess her bra size). ) there are some tasteful Amy Schumer topless pics including the one she tweeted out to some jerk that was harassing her. People have been quick to criticize her for being too fat, but she certainly looks good in the photos below.

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panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which followed two outstanding teasers that proved a mega-franchise movie doesn’t need to stoop to sexualizing any of its characters to generate interest, social media was atwitter over Slave Leia.

Judging by the headlines across media outlets, it would appear significant segments of fandom are irate with the local station and the father who instigated its report, as well as with Schumer, who allegedly earned the “ire” of Disney|Lucasfilm.

To date, the official Star Wars Twitter account has issued a one-line response, lacking in any actual corporate-level indignation, to fans who reacted to the Schumer images and held Disney|Lucasfilm accountable for them.

A short statement from Disney was also released to Variety, along with the admission that parodying the franchise is covered under fair use.

No official response was given to the local Fox piece, but that is likely because this isn’t the first time Lucasfilm or Disney have heard concerns from parents regarding the Slave Leia Black Series action figure.


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