Adult chat lines in desmoines

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I asked the bus driver to let me know when we got to Fort Holabird. I was more than a little relieved to confirm that I was on the right bus and that the driver actually knew where the damned place was.Again, I found myself thinking that it was absolutely impossible for a sergeant-first-class to be anything other than mean and ornery. The “96C” tells me that you are an interrogator, and the “2L29” tells me that you speak German.” I couldn’t help thinking back to that miserable bastard at Fort Dix who tried to intimidate me into not taking the German test. Most guys enlist in order to get into Military Intelligence and they know in advance what it is all about.” “Well, it’s close to the end of the work day here, so let me get you some bedding and show you to the barracks.” Hold it. Make up your bunk, and stop by the office when you’re done to pick up some forms.” I made up the bunk on autopilot and emptied the contents of my duffel bag into my locker. When I finished, I reported back to the orderly room. “Thanks, that sounds great,” I said, beginning to actually speak to Sergeant Perez as if he was a regular person. When I entered the room, breathless from having lugged the bag up the stairs, Sergeant Perez looked up from the papers on his desk, and said, “Yes? (see 1/3/03) The sergeant, still looking at my orders, continued, “Oh, now I know why you might be a little puzzled by all this. A sergeant-first-class is going to get my bedding and show me to the barracks? Sergeant Perez handed me a couple forms, and said, “Fill these out when you have a chance. Sitting on a bunk is just not the same as sitting in a real chair.I wonder if today I would find a seat on Greyhound bus quite as wonderful as it seemed then.Rebuilt top end of engine, very solid body in need of minor work, avg int & top, very good chrome.


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