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Researchers have identified typical learning patterns among African Americans (Hale-Benson 1986, Shade 1989, Hilliard 1989); Mexican Americans (Ramirez 1989, Vasquez 1991, Berry 1979, Cox and Ramirez 1981); and Native Americans (Bert and Bert 1992, More 1990, Shade 1989). “Pluralistic Education: A Bicognitive-Multicultural Model.” The Clearinghouse Bulletin 3: 4–5. The reports conclude that Mexican Americans regard family and personal relationships as important and are comfortable with cognitive generalities and patterns (Cox and Ramirez 1981, Vasquez 1991). Nonetheless, in the New York State Regent's Report, a review panel reiterated that: learning style and behavioral tendency do exist, and students from particular socialization and cultural experiences often possess approaches to knowledge that are highly functional in the indigenous home environment and can be capitalized upon to facilitate performance in academic settings (Claxton 1990).There is very little disagreement that a relationship does exist between the culture in which children live (or from which they are descended) and their preferred ways of learning.Our ability to give every child a chance to succeed in school depends upon a full understanding of culture and learning styles.After all, effective educational decisions and practices must emanate from an understanding of the ways that individuals learn.

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Debaters in the uniformity versus diversity dispute, for instance, differ over whether instructional equality is synonymous with educational equity.These descriptions became the subject of intense scrutiny and animated debate.Eventually, the descriptions were deleted from the booklet.Thus, schooling should establish a context for new information, provide quiet times for thinking, and emphasize visual stimuli. In contrast, the observers describe mainstream white Americans as valuing independence, analytic thinking, objectivity, and accuracy. Such traits explain why Mexican-American students often seek a personal relationship with a teacher and are more comfortable with broad concepts than component facts and specifics.


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