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But Barnaby suspects that he is innocent, which is only reinforced when there is an apparent suicide at the same spot, and tries to uncover the connection before there can be further a further murder.Phyllis Calvert [ Alice Bly ], Nigel Davenport [ William Smithers ], Geoffrey Bayldon [ Arthur Prewitt ], Mary Wimbush [ Marjorie 'George' Watson ], Gudrun Ure [ Celia Armstrong ], Angela Down [ Pru Bennett ], Colin Tiernay [ Mungo Mortimer ], Clive Wood [ Dr Clive Warnford ], Deborah Findlay [ Hilary Richards ], Carolyn Pickles [ Sister Lovelace ], Miranda Kingsley [ Nurse Bartlett ], Mali Harries [ Nurse O'Casey ], Sam Beazley [ Cyril Toft ], Matyelok Gibbs [ Muriel Harrap ], Georgine Anderson [ Madge Fielding ], Daphne Goddard [ Miss Laybourne ], Arthur Cox [ Landlord ], Cyril Shaps [ Jeweller ], Caroline John [ Florist ], Sarah Ball [ Shop assistant ], Katherine Tozer [ Hotel receptionist ], David Killick [ Waiter ] Joyce Barnaby, Cully Barnaby With a week off work to redecorate part of his house, DCI Barnaby also visits his elderly aunt, Alice Bly, who is convalescing in the Lawnside residential nursing home for the elderly in Aspern Tallow, and she prompts him to investigate a series of suspicious deaths there, after people have changed their wills. Patricia Brake [ Anne Quarritch ], Cheryl Campbell [ Sandra Mc Killop ], James Laurenson [ James Tate ], Sylvestra Le Touzel [ Linda Marquis ], David Robb [ Charles Mc Killop ], Prunella Scales [ Eleanor Bunsall ], Charles Simon [ Marcus Lowrie ], Malcolm Sinclair [ Alan Bradford ], Roger Sloman [ Ralph Bailey ], Ed Waters [ Nicholas, 'Nico', Bentley ], Alwyne Taylor [ Dr Catherine Bullard ], Chris Stanton [ Vicar ] Joyce Barnaby, Cully Barnaby, Dr George Bullard, PC Angel The slashing of a 17th-century painting in Aspern Tallow museum appears to herald the start of a series of ghostly manifestations by the ghost of Jonathan Lowrie.The bat belongs to the landowner's son, but has no fingerprints on it.Barnaby & Troy gradually find themselves caught up in a succession of sinister murders.One family is particularly incensed: the Bennetts, who owned the manor for a few years and founded the Memorial Garden.One of the young Inkpens is then found murdered in the Memorial Garden, with a scrap of paper beside her.Then, soon after being diagnosed with a brain tumor, a property developer in the village is savagely murdered with an Indian sword belonging to a vicar.Barnaby & Troy investgate the crime, trying to discover if it was motivated by ill-feeling in the village about his plans for property development or some longer buried secrets.

While he was away, Supt Ronald Pringle, just before his retirement, quickly arrested a local young man.The trail leads them to a local cigarette and tobacco company and two of its employees in particular.The Portuguese au-pair of one of them is then murdered.There is soon a surfeit of deaths for Barnaby & Troy to investigate.Kenneth Colley [ Lloyd Kirby ], Amanda Mealing [ Sally Boulter ], John Woodvine [ Sir Harry Chatwyn ], Alison Fiske [ Lady Beatrice Chatwyn ], Alec Mc Cowen [ Sir Christian Aubrey ], Ursula Howells [ Lady Isabel Aubrey ], Daisy Bates [ Lucy Ramsey ], Patrick Baladi [ Steve Ramsey ], Michael Bertenshaw [ Michael Rycroft ], Donald Gee [ Rev Ellis ], Nigel Harrison [ Dave Ripert ], Merelina Kendall [ Alice Leonard ], Charmian May [ Marian Leonard ], Eleanor Moriarty [ Lynn ], Peter Penry-Jones [ Peter Rhodes, Marquis of Ross ], Laurence Penry-Jones [ Young Peter Rhodes ], Simon Quarterman [ Young Christian Aubrey ], Amy Darcy [ Young Isabel ], Graham Bill [ Chauffeur ], Jonie Broom [ Dave Hedges ] Joyce Barnaby A series of murders starts with the discovery of the naked body of a man in the center of a mysterious crop circle in a field owned by Sir Harry Chatwyn in the village of Midsomer Parva.Barnaby & Troy discover that Hadleigh was a man of mystery, with no National Insurance number, no relatives and no marriage certficate to match the wedding photo on display in his house.


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    though it was the popularity of Tezuka's Astro Boy, Metropolis, and Jungle Emperor manga that would come to define the media.